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Graduation Caps

Entrance examination and interview guide

The following criteria will be taken into account:

  • knowledge and reasoning in natural sciences with main focus on the human body

  • self-introduction/motivation/interpersonal skills

  • voluntary work/experience in health services

  • English language proficiency.

For list of written test and interview topics follow this link.

If you are applying for Medicine or Dentistry you will need to take a written test before the interview. Subjects for both, the test and the interview, will be biology, chemistry and physics.

If you are applying for Pharmacy there will only be an interview and the subjects covered will be biology and chemistry.

If you are applying for Physiotherapy there will only be an interview and the subject required will be biology.

Hard copies of your application documents and your official photo ID (passport or national ID) will be required for the interview. This also applies to the remote written test and the interview.

For information on the application process, click here.

If you wish to apply, fill the application form here.

For entrance requirements for each program please follow links below:



entrance exam to medical school.jpg

Written Test for application to PUMS

During the test you will need to answer 60 questions, 20 in each subject. 

No dictionaries, phones, smart phones, tablets or other electronic devices are allowed into the testing/ interview room. Applicants are allowed to use calculators (without memory module and access to the Internet), Physics formula books and periodic tables.

The written test will take 60 minutes.

The entrance test is remote via PUMS’s distance learning platform OLAT at . Login credentials are the same as used for self-assessment quizzes which are available when you complete the on-line application.

In order to make sure that the exam is secure the additional on-line proctoring software called Proctor Exam will be used.


Applicants for all programs are required to attend the interview.

The interview will be with the University representatives and will last between 20-40 minutes.

The interview is remote using Microsoft Teams. Connections to both audio and video is required so please ensure you have the necessary equipment available. 

Ahead of the interview you will receive an email with the link to the meeting. Please note that Microsoft Team account is not required as you will be able to access the meeting using the browser.

The following aids are allowed during the interview:

  • pen and piece of blank paper

  • below aids which will be accessible via an approved website:

       -on-line calculator 

       -physics formulas 

       -periodic table of elements 

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