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Frequently asked questions 

About Desire2study

Who are Desire2study?

We are a global admission office representing Medical Universities in Poland.

Is Desire2study representing specific universities?

Yes, we work with Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) and Medical University of Bialystok (MUB).

Does Desire2study charge any fees to the applicants?

No, we don’t charge any application or recruitment fees because we work for the Universities. All our services are 100% free of charge to the candidates. There are no costs to the applicants for Desire2study’s support.

Why you should work with us?

Desire2study are experienced agency providing support to candidates from around the world.  We listen to understand their needs, provide information on the most suitable options, we assist with the application and help with the documentation even after the acceptance letter.

What makes Desires2study unique?

We are here to help and support the candidates because we understand how important is the choice of the Medical University. We also understand that the application process and the entrance examination can be overwhelming for many candidates so we offer support to prepare our candidates for the application journey.



What programs are offered by the polish medical universities?

  • Medicine

  • Dentistry (DDS)


How long the programs take to complete?

  • Medicine is 6-year program, however there is a possibility to reduce the duration of studies to 5 years for graduate entry (subject to meeting special requirements)

  • Dentistry is 5-year program.


Are the medical study programs offered at the Universities taught in English?

All programs offered by the Medical Universities we work with are fully taught in English.

Do you offer 4-year Medicine program for graduates?

No, polish Universities no longer offer 4 years Medical studies however there is an option for graduates to shorten the duration of studies to 5 years* Contact desire2study for more information.

*Subject to meeting specific requirements.


University admission

Who can apply to study medicine in Poland?

English taught programs at polish universities are open to all students, regardless of their country of birth, education or current residence. All international students are welcome to apply providing they meet the entry requirements.


Am I eligible to apply?

The main eligibility requirement is that the candidate must hold a secondary school certificate which allows them to apply to any type of university in the country where the document was issued.
Depending on the University, there might be one additional requirement. This is that grades from Biology, and one of three other science subjects (Chemistry, Physics or Math's) must be shown on the secondary school transcript/certificate.

Do I need to speak Polish to be able to study medicine in Poland?

No, prior knowledge of Polish language is not required. All programs are fully taught in English and in addition, Polish lessons are included in the study curriculum. This is to make it easier for the students to function in the everyday life in Poland and to assist during the clinical parts of the studies.

Can I apply before completing the last year of secondary school?

Yes, this is a common practice. High school students, while still in last year, can apply using predicted/provisional grades issued by high school. Our candidates come from countries with different education systems, so we know that final exams are sometimes taken very late or the final school certificates are issued after graduation. In such cases, the statement of provisional results can be used for the admission process. However, you will have to submit the final (official) secondary school certificate along with its legalisation before the academic year starts in September. In some cases, an extension to the deadline can be agreed. Desire2study will represent you and help with any issues with required documentation or deadline.


When does the academic year starts and ends?

Academic year runs from October to end of June. However before the 1st year begins there is an obligatory pre-course which starts in September. Some universities run this course online but you should be prepared to travel to Poland in early September in case the course is run on the campus. Desire2study as your agent will communicate the dates and place for the pre-course in advance. 

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