Physiotherapy *admission for 2022/2023 is suspended*

Benefits of studying Physiotherapy at Poznan University of Medical Sciences

  • Undergraduate-entry 5-year program

  • Leads high school graduates to a professional degree of Master of Science in Physiotherapy

  • Opens doors to professional licensing in Europe and worldwide

  • Program is designed to train high school graduates to become qualified and competent clinicians/scientists 

  • Focus on practical block combined with medical knowledge

  • Graduates will have the knowledge and experience to independently plan physical therapies and efficiently use functional diagnostics and medical imaging

  • Curriculum based on the European professional teaching standards, which meets the needs of individual students and also ensures a number of classes are delivered in accordance to patient-doctor-physiotherapist model.

  • Program offers four specialties: neurological, orthopedic, manual therapy and sports medicine

  • Medical School with 100 years tradition 

Entrance requirements and examination guide

Deadline for the application is 15th August 2021.

General requirements

  • Secondary school degree or equivalent credentials providing eligibility for university admission in a home country, issued after 2016

  • Satisfactory grades in natural sciences from previous education (secondary school, college or university)

  • High level of knowledge in natural sciences

  • High level of English language proficiency

  • Interview examination in biology

  • Physical fitness and aptitude towards intensive physical training.

For list of interview topics follow this link.


Formal requirements

  • Completion of the online registration form. To register click here.

  • The following digitally scanned documents need to be uploaded during the online application:

       -Secondary school reports (GCSE and A-levels) and reports from any other completed educational programs                           including natural science coursework (e.g. biology, chemistry or physics).

       -Any other documentation which you would like to provide to support your application

  • The following documentation will need to be submitted after a successful entrance examination. Only hard copies or certified copies will be accepted.

        -Secondary school certificate or report which would qualify the graduate to undertake higher education in the country           of issue, with the issue date no earlier than 2016. A diploma issued before 2016 might be accepted if the education has           continued. The certificates and/or reports need to be supplied with apostille or legalization certificate. In the United                 Kingdom all apostilles are issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes.  In the United States,                     the Secretary of State and their deputies are usually competent authorities.

       -Report sheets of all completed educational programs

       -Health certificate completed by General Practitioner. Click here to print or download the pdf.

       -2 recent photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm)

       -Copy of passport's bio page

       -Curriculum vitae/resumé

       -Criminal report check from country of residence.

All documents must be in English or a certified translation needs to to provided.

Hard copies of your application documents and your official photo ID (passport or national ID) will need be presented during the interview. This also applies to the remote interview.


  • A candidate may only apply once per admission season

  • The program will start on the condition that there will be a minimum of 12 admitted students

Application fees

  • Processing fee: 85 PLN

  • Interview fee: 600 PLN

To apply click here.



Physiotherapy Program overview


During year 1 you will learn about the anatomy and functioning of the human body, with the emphasis on the development of musculoskeletal system and the mechanisms behind it's functioning in healthy human beings. You will learn how to analyze the posture, gait and body balance. You will practice basic physiotherapy techniques on your fellow students and receive an introductory assistant training in a clinical setting.

Year 2 will provide a solid base for further development of your manual skills through learning about biomechanics, as well as the functional and palpatory anatomy of musculoskeletal system. You will also deepen your understanding of basic sciences in the fields of neurophysiology, immunology, and pain mechanisms. During this time you will have the first contact with real patients which will be the beginning of the clinical rotations.

Year 3 will cover treatment planning and you will take part in clinical rotations and functional diagnostics classes. Extensive clinical training, will be an introduction to more advanced methods used in various physiotherapy models.
Your clinical placement will involve physical agents therapy and kinesiotherapy.

Year 4 classes will develop and expand your ability to plan a complete rehabilitation process and will teach you how to analyze electrodiagnostic results. This will also be the time to choose your special interest modules and an opportunity to delve deeper into 2 out of 4 specific pathways: orthopedic, neurological, sports medicine or research. During this time you will also start working on your Master’s thesis.

During Year 5 you will undertake a whole semester of professional clinical training, supplemented by theoretical knowledge on economic and legal aspects of healthcare. Finally, you will continue to develop, complete and defend your Master’s thesis.

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PUMS diplomas are recognized worldwide.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are 45,340 PLN per annum.

A deposit in the amount of 4,800 PLN is required. 

The acceptance letter will specify the date by which the payment needs to be settled. Please note that the deposit payment is the condition of the enrolment on the students list.

The balance needs to be paid in three instalments (details will be outlined in the acceptance letter).


Dormitoty fees and estimated cost of living in Poznan

Depending on the dormitory, monthly rental costs are between 380 PLN and 600 PLN for a double room and between 760 PLN and 1200 PLN for a single occupancy double room.

The costs of living in Poznan for students can start from 2,000 PLN depending on the type of the accommodation and expenses. 

For more details please click here (bottom of the page).