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Interview Ready Pack 

Imagine yourself entering the interview room, radiating confidence. You effortlessly answer every question, showcasing your passion and academic prowess. This is you, after experiencing the transformative power of the Interview Ready Pack .

Don't gamble with your future.
Get accepted to the European medical school of your dreams with our exclusive
45-minute online power session.

Here's what the Interview Ready Pack offers:

  • Your Personal Interview Strategist: Our admissions expert, with 20 years of business and mentoring experience including 3 years of guiding students to medical school success, becomes your personal coach. The interview strategist will assess your strengths and weaknesses, crafting a personalised interview strategy just for YOU.

  • The Medical School Interview Simulator: Experience a realistic, simulated medical school interview. We'll throw everything at you – motivational questions, science-based inquiries – just like the real medical school interview. But here's the best part: you'll get immediate, insightful feedback to refine your responses and build unshakeable confidence. Imagine yourself calmly navigating every question, leaving the interviewers impressed!

The Bonus Weapon: Your Interview Guide. We don't just prepare you for the interview, we equip you for the long haul. Our exclusive 21 pages worksbook, packed with powerful tips and self-assessment questions, becomes your personal interview bible. Refer back to it anytime to stay sharp and confident.

Why Choose the Interview Ready Pack?

  • Gain a competitive edge: Our expert guidance and personalised feedback will help you present yourself with poise, professionalism, and a strong understanding of your chosen medical path.

  • Boost your confidence: Practice makes perfect! Our simulated interview and personalised feedback will eliminate any nervousness and help you feel really sure of yourself during the interview

  • Impress the admissions committee: With our expert tips and insights, you'll leave a lasting impression on the admiss

This is an investment in your future, not just an interview prep program.

For a limited time, secure your Interview Ready Pack for a mere £150 (standard price £250) – an exclusive offer for desire2study applicants.

Special price for Desire2study candidates!

Not applying with desire2study? Don’t worry! You can still succeed in the medical school interview by preparing for the interview with the Interview Ready Pack. Buy NOW for £250.

Full price for candidates not applying with Desire2study


Don't blend in! Show medical schools why YOU're the perfect fit.

Enroll in the Interview Ready Pack today and turn your medical school dreams into reality.

*Spots are limited. Reserve yours now and take the first step towards becoming the doctor you were always meant to be.

Remember, you're not just applying to a medical school; you're embarking on a journey to a fulfilling medical career that will touch countless lives. Make sure you're prepared to make a lasting impression.

We believe in you! Let's make your medical school dreams a reality.

Your medical career starts with desire2study.

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