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Study Oral Hygiene

A degree in oral hygiene / dental hygiene degree provides the necessary education and training to become a qualified dental hygienist, allowing you to work in various dental settings, including private practices, public health clinics, and dental schools.

The aims of the BSc Oral Hygiene Programme are to educate and train dental hygienists based on the requirements recognized in the EU, to create possibilities for acquiring the qualification of a dental hygienist, granting the right to provide healthcare services.

Oral Hygiene Programme offers a wide range of career options.

After graduation
, you can continue your education by entering MSc programmes, practice dental hygiene, work in public or private institutions conducting oral health care or other related areas of oral health care promotion.

Yearly Checkup

Every Oral Hygiene Programme has its own entry requirements so contact us to discuss the details. In general, you need to have English language proficiency, biology, chemistry knowledge and high school diploma/A-levels. 

We work with all nationality students to help in applying to study Oral Hygiene in Europe.
All Oral Hygiene Programms offered by our partner universities meet  national, EU standards and the degrees are recognized worldwide.

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