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Transferring medical schools is really easy with Desire2Study!

Medical School Transfer

Transferring from one medical school to another medical university is quite common in the medical student’s environment. Over last few years we had many questions from medical students looking to switch to a medical university in Europe. We helped many students to do a medical university transfer into the first, second, third, fourth or fifth year of Medicine or Dentistry in Europe. You may think, why students are looking to change the medical school?

Most common reasons of medical student transfers are:

  • Political issues (We see huge number of students which want to transfer from medical Universities in Ukraine, Belarus or Russia and wish to continue medical studies in Poland),

  • Dissatisfaction with the current medical university teaching system,

  • Students fail some medical module exams,

  • Change in financial circumstance which are forcing the students to find more affordable medical education options.


Because we work with schools accepting transfers, we can help you for free to change university and you can continue your medical or dentistry program in English.

What will you gain by transferring from one medical university into another medical school?

  • We will transfer you into the next year of your medical program.

  • All medical programs will be in English.

  • There is no hassle for you to search for alternative options and you won’t pay us anything as all our services are 100% free.


We will be in touch soon!

Medical School Transfer Form

You can fill this form to enquire a transfer from your medical university to any of the universities which we are working with.

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