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  • Application & eligibility assessment for 1st year applicants ONLY

    30 min


Application process

This simple step-by-step guide is the quickest and easiest way for you to plan your career in Medicine, Dentistry and other programmes. We are here for you to take you through all the steps and let you find the right medical university to meet your needs. 

Writing an application

Step 1

Apply with Desire2Study by filling no obligation application form here.

  • We will contact you to understand your education needs, requirements and expectations.

  • We will offer  advice and guidance on what are the best options available to you.

  • We will answer any questions you may have or concerns regarding entry requirements, documents and the specific university application procedures.

Female applicant in job interview

Step 2

When you choose your preferred university, we will:

  • help with completion of all required documents,

  • guide you through the university application process,

  • manage your application,

  • be your representative at the university,

  • provide help with the entrance exams (some medical universities don't have the entry exams) and interview preparation.

Travel to Brussels

Step 3

After you pass the exam (you won't need to take the exams if  you choose medical school without entry exams),

Desire2Study will:

  • offer guidance on the visa (if required),

  • help with handling all documents required by the university,

  • prepare you for starting medical or dentistry studies.

Do you help with preparing for the Medical School Interview? Get our Interview Ready Pack today!

We provide each student free consultation and application support for all programmes offered by our partner universities.

We offer various support packages for students who are looking for medical school application in Europe.
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