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Graduate Entry Medicine Programme

Have you already studied to be a nurse, biomedical scientist, pharmacist, physiotherapist or have other Biomedical Sciences degree? Do you still dream to become a doctor or a dentist?

You may qualify for admission to one of the graduate entry programmes. The graduate entry medicine route in Europe allows biomedical sciences graduates or healthcare professionals with relevant academic qualifications to make the standard medical course shorter to become a Doctor of Medicine.

Graduate entry medicine in Europe

In Europe, the standard medical courses are 6 years long. By entering as a graduate, you will have some previously studied subjects recognized, so you don’t have to study them again.


We will review your transcript and syllabus to advice if you qualify for the graduate entry medicine programme.


If you meet the entry requirements for graduate entry medicine abroad programme, the university will allow you to shorten your medical study duration by reducing the number of subjects you must study to graduate in medicine. 

So if you interested and want to explore graduate entry medicine programmes in Europe, contact us now!

We will advise the most suitable accelerated medical route to become a doctor!

All our services are FREE and there are no hidden costs, This makes us different from other admission offices or agencies which will charge you for their services. We will not!

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