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Desire2study helps students who dream about becoming a doctor, a pharmacist, dentist or physiotherapist but they cannot afford the extremely high university fees in the USA or perhaps cannot secure a place at the Medical University in their home country.

We are the global admission office of Medical Universities in Poland. The programs offered, by the Universities we are contracted by, are taught in English to high standards.  The diplomas issued are recognised and widely accepted not only in the UK or US, but also worldwide.

We provide free consultation on the application process, visas and health insurance. We answer questions about studying and living in Poland. Our services are FREE of charge and there are no hidden costs.

Join the prospective students and study Medicine in Poland.




Medicine programs at PUMS is an offer for both undergraduate and graduate applicants. Studies lead to a professional degree of Doctor of Medicine, and open doors to medical licensing on all continents. PUMS provides education to high standards, based on experience of working in various health service environments. The University owns 6 clinical hospitals, hospice and state-of-the-art medical simulation centre.

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The 6-year PharmD Program is an undergraduate-entry Master of Pharmacy (EU) / Doctor of Pharmacy (US) course. This program leads high school graduates to a professional degree in Pharmacy with great emphasis on clinical applications of pharmaceutical therapy. PUMS is one of the best pharmacy faculties in Poland, which provides solid education and hands-on experience. 

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The 5-year DDS Program is an undergraduate-entry dental course which leads high school graduates to a professional degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery, Our program opens doors to dental licensing in Europe and anywhere else in the world. PUMS dental hospital includes an outpatient clinic, teaching and research centre, and state-of-the-art dental simulation centre.

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The 5-year Physiotherapy Program is an undergraduate-entry long-cycle Master’s course which leads high school graduates to a Master of Science degree in physiotherapy. This program opens doors to professional licensing in Europe and around the world. At PUMS medical knowledge is combined with experience to offer a modern approach to physiotherapy.

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