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Desire2study is the global admission office of Medical and Non-medical Universities in Europe.


The programs offered are taught in English to high standards.  The diplomas issued by the European Universities are recognized and widely accepted worldwide including US and UK.

Desire2study helps students who dream about becoming a doctor, a dentist, a physiotherapist or a pharmacist, but they:

  • cannot secure a place at the Medical School or University in their home country,

  • cannot afford the extremely high university fees in their home countries, 

  • are looking for high-quality medical education with a worldwide recognized degree.

Our partner Universities offer the following medical programmes:

  • Medicine Doctor / MD/ MBBS / BSc,

  • Dentistry,

  • Physiotherapy,

  • Pharmacy,

  • Nursing,

  • Veterinary,

  • Medical and Veterinary Genetics,

  • Oral Hygiene,

  • Occupational Therapy,

  • Health Psychology.


We also help aspiring students to study in English other undergraduate university courses like:

  • International Business and Start-up Entrepreneurship,

  • Business Administrations,

  • Information Technology.

And wide range of postgraduate university courses:

  • International Marketing,

  • Health Management,

  • Social Work with Children and Youth,

  • Biostatistics,

  • International Governance and Diplomacy,

  • Global Policy and Cyber Security Studies.

  • Applied Public Health.

  • Advanced Practice Nurse.

  • Lifestyle Medicine.

  • Clinical Health Psychology.

  • Food Science.

  • Laboratory Medicine Biology.

  • Animal Science.

  • Animal and Human Interaction.

  • Medicinal Chemistry.

We can help with medical school transfers as well.

Explore all programmes which we offer our students here.


We offer various support packages for global aspiring students to start university studies in Europe.

Click here to find out more!

We are here to help you so you have nothing to loose and so much to gain if you wish to explore your options to study medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nursing, veterinary or other subjects!

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