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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Did you know that Medical University of Bialystok is offering potential medical students bilingual virtual walk around the university campus ?

We know how important it is for potential medical students to see the university where they wish to study. In the current world, all entry exams are usually online so the students often don't see the campus before the day when they start to study or the relocation day. Online exams have many benefits as we often see a lot of interest from medical students in the US, UK, France, UAE, India, Lebanon, Israel and many other countries in the world and that saves them a lot of time and also money needed to spend on travel.

But we know that sometimes when students decide to study medicine abroad, they have some concerns as they will need to relocate to a not known foreign country. It is not only a new place but also a new culture. To make the life easier for medical students, Medical University of Bialystok has bilingual Polish-English signage and also have a bilingual virtual walk around the university so you can see the medical campus and its facilities before you make the decision to study medicine in English at Medical University of Bialystok.

Take a virtual walk inside Medical University of Bialystok here ( and explore its lecture halls, medical simulation centre, student dormitory, medical research centre and more.

If you considering to study medicine at Medical University of Bialystok contact Desire2Study for FREE advice and guidance.


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