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We are often being contacted by the aspiring Indian medical student and asked the question which country is best to study medicine for Indian students?

Is it better to study medicine in the USA, UK or Europe? What is the path to study MBBS?

Should I study MBBS in Georgia? Should I study MBBS in Poland or other European countries? What are my best options to study medicine?

We are aware that more Indian students choose now to study medicine abroad. There is a lot of options available and there are many factors which Indian students need to take into account when asking which is the best country to study medicine for Indian students.

Indian students often pursue MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) programs in Europe for various reasons, including the availability of quality education, diverse cultural experiences, and sometimes, the relative affordability of medical education in certain European countries.

Expensive medical schools in the USA

Many European universities offer MBBS programs in English, making it easier for international students, including those from India, to pursue medical education without the language barrier.

When choosing medical school, remember that reputation and accreditation of the medical universities is crucial.

Indian students need to be aware of visa regulations and requirements for studying in a European country. Each country may have its own set of rules regarding student visas, work permits, and residency. Some European countries may offer residency or work opportunities for international students after completing their medical education. However, these opportunities can vary.

Which country is best to study medicine for Indian students?

There is no simple answer as we need to consider many factors like students and their parents expectations, future education and work plans, student budget.

Studying in Europe can be more affordable compared to certain countries like the United States. As an example, if you wish to study MBBS in Georgia, which attracts more and more Indian students every year. It is one of the cheapest options to study MBBS in Europe, where you can study MBBS in Tbilisi for $5,500 per year and get diploma recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and other countries worldwide.

Therefore, what becomes important , it is worth to plan in advance to explore study MBBS options to become a doctor.

If you are interested to explore medical schools in Europe , contact Desire2Study for FREE advice and guidance on the best options to study medicine and receive worldwide recognized medical qualifications. We will offer you personalized guidance and support throughout your application process and you won't have to pay us anything.


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