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Studying Medicine in Europe

Studying medicine in Europe requires a strong commitment to learning, a genuine interest in healthcare, and a dedication to helping others. Doctors can work in hospitals, clinics, or have their private practice. They may specialize in various fields like internal medicine, surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics, etc.

Studying Medicine in Europe to gain Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree takes 6-years to complete.

Professional doctoral degrees are awarded to individuals who have completed a rigorous program of study in medical science and practice, followed by clinical training in a hospital or clinical setting.

To study medicine in Europe, there is NO NEED to take UCAT or MCAT exams. If you took UCAT or MCAT exam and your score was low, it doesn't matter!

You can start the degree straight after secondary school.


It is not required to complete an undergraduate degree programme of 4 years, after which they have to spend another 4 years in a medical school.

You just take 6-year program to graduate as a Doctor of Medicine in Europe.

Every medical school has its own entry requirements so contact us to discuss the details. In general, you need to have English language proficiency, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Mathematics knowledge and high school diploma/A-levels. 

We work with all nationality students to help in applying to study medicine in Europe in English.
All Medicine Programms offered by our partner universities meet  national, EU standards and the degrees are recognized worldwide.

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