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Study Pharmacy

Whether you are passionate about patient care, drug development, or research,

Pharmacy Master Degree offers a diverse and fulfilling career that continues to adapt to the changing landscape of healthcare. It is a profession that empowers individuals to contribute to the well-being of society while continuously learning and growing in their expertise.

The 5.5-year curriculum covers theoretical and practical aspects of the pharmaceutical profession and uses both traditional and modern teaching methods.

Students have access to fully-equipped pharmaceutical laboratories, where they prepare for the profession while learning to operate state-of-the-art technology as well as more traditional appliances. 

The pharmacy profession is an indispensable element of the entire healthcare system. While physicians or nurses provide direct health care to their patients, the role of a pharmacist is to ensure quality use of medications, which is crucial to achieving the desired and optimal health outcomes. 

Pharmacist at Work

The demand for pharmacists is strong and is expected to grow as the population ages and the healthcare system continues to expand. This translates to job stability and numerous opportunities for pharmacists.

Every pharmacy school has its own entry requirements so contact us to discuss the details. In general, you need to have English language proficiency, biology, chemistry, physics knowledge and high school diploma/A-levels. 

Degree: Dr. Pharm or MSc in Health Sciences, Pharmacist

Tuition fees range between €5,600 and €8,400 per year.

Don't know how to apply to pharmacy in Europe? Contact us to receive full application support. 

We work with all nationality students to help in applying to study pharmacy in Europe.
All Pharmacy Programms offered by our partner universities meet  national, EU standards and the degrees are recognised worldwide.
Study pharmacy in Europe. Apply with desire2study!

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