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Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Did you know that if you studied medicine or dentistry in Ukraine or other countries , you can still do medical school transfers to another university?

We are aware that many international medical students escaped the war zone in Ukraine when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 causing the interruption in the training of medical students. Many of the students were forced to stop their medical studies and returned to their home countries. Suddenly they realized that their local country governments are refusing and failing to provide them medical university place.

International medical students flee from Ukraine

Recently we hear a lot from medical students in Ukraine (but also other countries) contacting us, looking for alternative options to continue their medical or dentistry studies at other universities. There is also a lot going on in media and news as some medical students returning from Ukraine are forced to go back to Ukraine or stop the studies which obviously is not acceptable.

As we are continuously monitoring the situation, there are some signs of help offered to the Ukrainian students:

  • In India, "Academic Mobility Programme" and "Academic Transfer Programme" for Ukraine-returnee students are offered according to Hindustan Times. The Academic Mobility Programme is a temporary relocation to other universities in different countries, whereas Academic Transfer Programme is a permanent shift to a new medical college in the same country or a different country altogether.

  • As informed by India Times, Indian medical students returning from Ukraine, will be allowed to take exams from India.

  • In Ireland, according to, students displacement will be facilitated in Irish universities and Irish medical schools to let the Irish students from Ukraine to continue their studies and support the continuation of their learning in the short term.

Unfortunately not everything looks so great:

  • As reported by portal France24, there are numbers of students stacked without any options.

  • In accordance of one of the latest CNN publications and Mirror some students are still stuck in limbo, unable to continue their education and are forced to return to complete exams before they can graduate or pass the current year. Luckily , it looks like Ukraine's Health Ministry plans to organize the exams outside of Ukraine but details still need to be confirmed.

If you have been studying medicine or dentistry in Ukraine or other country and have been forced to stop your medical studies and flee from Ukraine, contact Desire2Study for FREE advice and guidance on medical school transfers.

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