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Study Health Psychology

A degree in Health Psychology focuses on understanding how psychological, social, and behavioral factors influence physical health and well-being. It combines principles from psychology and health sciences to explore various aspects of health, illness, and healthcare delivery. 

The aims of the BSc Health Psychology Programme is a study programme with the aim to educate competent bachelors in health psychology with scientific insight, solid base of scientific knowledge in health psychology and professional application skills in the field of personal and public health and well-being.

Graduates with a degree in Health Psychology may pursue a variety of career paths. These can include roles such as health educators, wellness coordinators, patient advocates, behavioral health consultants, or researchers in health-related organizations.

Therapy Session

Every Health Psychology Programme has its own entry requirements so contact us to discuss the details. In general, you need to have English language proficiency, biology, mathematics knowledge and high school diploma/A-levels. 

We work with all nationality students to help in applying to study Health Psychology in Europe.
All Health Psychology Programms offered by our partner universities meet  national, EU standards and the degrees are recognized worldwide.

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