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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Did you know that if you are aiming to study medicine in the USA, it will probably cost you over $500,000 and will take minimum of 8 years? US Medical Schools are really expensive.

So, what are my other options ?

Can I get the same qualifications for a fraction of the cost in US?

Can I become a doctor in less than 8 years?

We are aware that many students from the US are considering to graduate as a doctor, but very quickly realize that they should start planning their finances minimum a few years in advance. Pursuing a medical degree in the United States costs a fortune as university tuition fees, cost of living, study materials, insurance etc can add up to over $500,000 over 8 years of studying. Therefore, what becomes important , it is worth to plan in advance or explore other options to become a doctor or a dentist.

This article provides a guide for US medical student aspirants on planning their alternative options for studying medicine abroad if they can't afford the cost in the USA.

Expensive medical schools in the USA

So what are the steps you need to take to become a doctor in the USA?

First, a student needs to first complete a 4-year undergraduate programme post their Class 12 (high school). This, in the USA, can cost anywhere between $20,000 on the lower side and $60,000 on the higher side per year. In addition students must pass MCAT exams before they can be admitted to an American medical school. Once these are cleared, a student can apply for admission into a medical school at the postgraduate level, which offers a Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) course that typically lasts 4 years. The cost of tuition ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 or more per year.

Don't forget about the cost of living which in the US varies, based on the city or state you choose to study in. On an average, you should budget, around $18,000 to $24,000 per year for accommodation, food, transportation, and other daily expenses.

So what US aspirant medical students gain by choosing to study medicine or dentistry in Europe:

  • Low tuition fees starting from $14,500 per year.

  • Low living cost from $5000 per year.

  • High quality education in a multi cultural environment.

  • Worldwide recognized medical degree diploma.

  • Medical degree gained in 6 years -straight from the high school without a need to complete pre-medical programme.

  • Residency option the same as for degrees gained at medical schools in the US.

  • No need for MCAT.

So do your own due diligence in terms of fees, expenses and the time needed to get the medical degree.

If you are interested to explore medical schools in Europe , contact Desire2Study for FREE advice and guidance on the best options to study medicine or dentistry and receive worldwide recognized medical qualifications.


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